Lost In Space

Do you have one area in your house you just can’t figure out?  Maybe it’s too small or oddly shaped or just not in the right location in your home.  Don’t let it turn into dead space.  There are plenty of ways to turn unusual home spaces into comfortable, functioning living areas that appear as if they were built for a purpose. If large enough, divide the space into individual “rooms,” so that one area can be used for one purpose, leaving the rest of the area open... Read more »

Winners of July’s $50.00 RowHouse Restaurant Gift Certificates

Congratulations to Rick Kuebler and Linda Nott for winning the two $50.00 gift certificates for the month of July, for the fabulous RowHouse Restaurant! 2 gift certificates will be given away each and every month of this year. Be sure and enter – your odds are great and the restaurant is fantastic. For further details, read the contest entry page.  Read more »

Safe House

Summer seems to bring out the home-improvement expert in everyone.  It’s the perfect time to tackle those projects – big and small – that have been lingering.  And whether you’re bringing out the lawn mower for the first time, getting ready to clean the gutters or repairing odds and ends, consider these important safety tips: Mowers Before mowing the lawn, do a walk-through of the area and remove any large sticks or debris. Wear clothing that offers protection, like sturdy... Read more »

Did You Know?

A dishwasher can be cleaned with household vinegar or citric acid powder. Pour a gallon of vinegar in the bottom, let set for an hour or so, then run the washer through a full cycle. Citric acid powder will also help remove hard-water buildup. Add a half-cup of powder and run the dishwasher. If there’s still an unpleasant odor coming from inside, examine the drain hose to see if it’s crimped and check the bottom for bits of food or gunk. After checking, if the odor it still strong, call... Read more »

Moran Introduces Bill to Expand, Extend the Tax Credit

Earlier this month, Kansas Congressman Jerry Moran (R – 1st District) introduced legislation to extend and expand the $8,000 first-time homebuyers’ tax credit. Although Congress is not expected to act on an extension of the credit until later this year, Moran has demonstrated his commitment to strengthening the housing market with the introduction of this legislation. We applaud Congressman Moran for his commitment to the future of the housing market and real estate industry. This bill... Read more »

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