Are you intellectually benevolent?

Rate Yourself: I am genuinely interested in other points of view. I allow people to have contrary opinions without feeling the need to change their minds. I can ask, listen, read about, and consider other points of view without becoming angry, annoyed or irritated. I avoid name calling, or personal attacks. I ask questions and attempt to understand others. I am able to accept people even if I don’t approve of their beliefs or behaviors.  Read more »

Renters Feeling Less Safe

Renters seeking an apartment are increasingly concerned about the safety of the home they rent, according to a survey of 750 renters by More than 66 percent of renters say they feel moderately to extremely safe living in their current neighborhood, down 12 percent from 2006. The top-five safety features renters say they would pay more to have are: In-unit security alarm, 49 percent 24×7 building security patrols and a doorman, 45 percent Security cameras on the property, 42... Read more »

Just A Little Halloween Fun

Starring: Michelle Donaldson-Stevens Scott Nellis Scott Burnett Julie Long Jerry Long Try JibJab SendablesĀ® eCards today!  Read more »

This is our Topeka – Video

Come see what Topeka, Kansas, has to offer and move up to more opportunity. Well educated talent, leading companies, commute-free lifestyle, a wealth of arts, entertainment and recreation, all at a below average cost of living. The capital city of Kansas supports opportunities for advancement. Take the next step and make your next move up to Topeka.  Read more »

Local Businesses

I have listed some local companies that I use regularly, or that are owned or partially owned by clients. If you’re a client of mine and would like your business endorsed, please let me know.Ā  (And if you would like to share a reciprocal link, we can discuss that; drop me a note). If you have a particularly positive, or negative experience with one of these companies, please drop me an email and let me know. If you do contact one of these people, please let them know that I sent you. Accounting... Read more »

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