Happy New Year! (and announcement of RowHouse Restaurant Gift Certificate Winners)

Happy New Year! (Just a little early) I hope your holidays are all you hoped they could be and more, and I wish you happiness, good health and prosperity in 2010. Our January newsletter is now on-line.    I’m excited to announce December’s winner’s of $50.00 gift certificates to the RowHouse Restaurant to our Facebook fans Carlee Johnson & Linzi Meyer – congratulations to Carlee & Linzi! Enjoy your dinner and your gift certificates will be mailed to you in the next... Read more »

Your Home – January 2010

Cents and Sensibility Creating a household budget is hardly a fun exercise, but it is a necessity, especially in these tough economic times. Determining where monthly paychecks go can help rein in bad spending habits and create new, fiscally friendly ones. To start, financial planners suggest you gather a year’s worth of bills and loan payments to create a complete picture of your expenses. Make a list and assign each to a category, such as groceries, utilities, mortgage, auto and entertainment.... Read more »

Buyer Tax Credit Good Be Renewed Again

Will the housing tax credit be extended again – past the current April 30 deadline? Sen. Johnny Isakson, a Georgia Republican and former real estate practitioner, swore in October that there would be no more extensions, but some observers predict that the answer is yes. Jaret Seiberg, a managing director at research firm Concept Capital, predicts that Congress will choose to phase the credit out over six to 12 months. “We believe a phase-out is most likely because it would benefit housing markets... Read more »

The Home Inspector’s File

Don’t let a poor inspection keep you from getting to the closing table. Here are the 5 most preventable problems that can scuttle a sale. The transaction has made it through almost every hurdle, but a potential deal breaker still lurks—the property has to make it past a home inspector. Buyers typically request an inspection to determine the condition of a home prior to closing, and what is uncovered during the examination may force costly repairs upon the seller, or, in cases of extreme neglect,... Read more »

Make Room For Grandma

Apartments may be losing residents from economically inspired doubling up by tenants, but that’s not the only housing option to suffer. Assisted-living facilities have also seen an outflow of residents. It’s hard to get a concrete figure on exactly how many seniors are moving back in with the kids, but based on anecdotal evidence, it’s a growing phenomenon, says Deborah Brett, a real estate and planning consultant in Plainsboro, N.J., who specializes in senior housing. “With a weak job... Read more »

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