Did You Know?

The embryos of the Sand Tiger Shark fight with one another inside the mother’s womb?  The “winner” consumes all the other eggs and embryos and will be the only offspring? Discovery Channel Article  Read more »

State Adopts New Requirements for Home Renovations

Starting on April 9, all contractors who conduct any renovations, repairs or painting on homes or child-occupied commercial buildings built before 1978 must follow new lead-safe work practices. The new requirements may increase the cost of renovating a home or child-occupied commercial building that was built before 1978. The Rule, Kansas FAQ’s and Videos from the National Association of REALTORS®.  Read more »

Winner of March RowHouse Restaurant Gift Certificate

Happy April! Our newsletter is now on-line at http://www.topekahomesearch.com/your-home-april-2010/ I’m excited to announce that March’s winner of a $50.00 gift certificate to the RowHouse Restaurant is George Stewart – congratulations to George! Enjoy your dinner and your gift certificate will be mailed to you in the next day or two. Entering the contest is as simple as going to www.TopekaHomeSearch.com and clicking on the Rowhouse graphic; a gift certificate is given away at the end... Read more »

Your Home – April 2010

Keeping Your Financial House In Order Do you have difficulty managing your finances, paying bills on time or finding important receipts or documents when you need them? The Financial Fitness Association offers several guidelines that can help you keep your financial life in order. Tax returns and their supporting documents should be kept at least three years. It may be helpful to set up file folders with different headings, such as 1099s, medical expenses, and business expenses. As you receive tax... Read more »