Extension Of Tax Credit Closing Deadline

In a 409-5 vote, House lawmakers passed a standalone bill that would extend for three months Wednesday’s (6/30/10) deadline for closing on a home purchase in order to claim the federal homebuyer tax credit.  HR 5623 could be voted on as soon as tomorrow. UPDATE:  After a close brush with the deadline, Congress has passed an extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit closing deadline, the Homebuyer Assistance and Improvement Act (H.R. 5623) . The extension applies only to transactions that have... Read more »

Exterior Upgrades – give an outdoor space a facelift

Landscaping for Curb Appeal A well-landscaped yard creates curb appeal and helps your property retain maximum value. Read Low-Maintenance Lawn Alternatives: Ground Cover If you want a yard that demands less time, money, and water, consider ground cover rather than a traditional lawn. Read Outdoor Lighting for Curb Appeal and Safety Well-planned outdoor lighting improves curb appeal, safety, and security for your home. Read 10 Steps to a Perfect Exterior Paint Job A good exterior... Read more »

Get Ready To Own A Home!

  Keep Your Home Purchase on Track You’ve found your dream home. Make sure missteps don’t prevent a successful closing. Read Understanding Real Estate Representation Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s important to choose representation that meets your needs in the transaction. Read 4 Tips to Determine How Much Mortgage You Can Afford By knowing how much mortgage you can handle, you can ensure that home ownership will fit in your budget. Read 7 Tips for Improving Your... Read more »

How often does a 100-year flood occur?

You have likely heard references to 20, 100, 500 (etc) year flood plains.  Do you know what that really means?  A 100-year flood does not mean that such a flood is likely to occur every 100 years; rather, it means that there is a one in one-hundred (or 1%) chance of such a flood occurring in any given year. Two  100-year floods could occur two years in a row, or a month apart, depending on how much rain is falling or how much snow falls & how quickly it melts.  A 20-year flood would have... Read more »

Your Home – July 2010

Play Nice In sometimes-complicated relationships between residents and their condo or homeowner associations, neighborly love can go only so far. When it comes to association decorum, the more you know about the CC&Rs (covenants, conditions and restrictions), the better. It’s the homeowner’s job to reinforce these governing rules and regulations, which can easily pit residents against association members. Here are a few hot-button issues that, according to Realty Times and Condobenefits.com,... Read more »