Your Home – April 2012

Graphic of Jerry Long's Newsletter June 2012

This months tips and trends for homeowners, buyers and sellers includes green homebuying tips, more efficient and personalized use of space, and tips for enjoying a worry-free vacation. ┬áCompliments of Jerry Long, RE/MAX Associates of Topeka, Kansas  Read more »

Snapshot of the New Retiree

Though out our lifetime, 65 has been the magic age at which an American worker is supposed to leave the workplace behind. Retirement as we know it is a recent concept. It emerged in the booming post-WWII economy with the introduction of pension pans that, for most Americans, added to the meager income provided by Social Security. Now pensions and defined benefit plans have gone the way of VHS, and many investment vehicles meant to take their place dropped precipitously in value with the financial... Read more »

Worth Remembering – Each Day is a Gift

I have a lot of trouble remembering this sometimes. Do you? I know several people who were very painfully reminded of this, just this week. I am going to put it on my recurring daily calendar until I can automatically think of it first thing every morning. It’s very simple….. “Each day is a gift and that is why it is called “The Present.” May each of us live life to the fullest every day.”  Read more »

Your Home – March 2012

Graphic of Jerry Long's Newsletter June 2012

Your Home – March 2012 – Basic & easy home improvements, gadget recycling and how to involved your kids in moving or renovating.  Read more »