Expired Listings

Has your property listing expired on the market? Unfortunately, you are in the majority, as up to 60% of all homes that enter the real estate marketplace end up as expired listings.

I know it’s frustrating to not have your property sell after you’ve made plans, prepared your property for sale and endured the inconvenience of showings.

The big question is how to jump into the majority.  Was it price?  Condition?  Marketing?  Hard to Show?  Location?  The agent?  The owner?  The tenant?  The market?

Despite what many real estate agents might tell you*, assuming your home is listed on the Multiple Listing Service, there are really 4 factors involved in getting your home sold:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Terms
  4. Condition

Of those 4 factors, 3 can be controlled somewhat…. and price can overcome anything.

If you would like to give me your insights into why your home hasn’t sold, I would be willing to give you my suggestions on how it could be sold.  This helps me stay up-to-date on changes in the market, and gives us both the opportunity to see if I might be the broker who can help you jump into the precious minority of home sellers.

It may be that you’ll want to hire me as your agent, hire me hourly for further consultation, or perhaps refer you to someone else who I think can best help you.

Please call at your convenience and we’ll arrange a time for a visit to your property: 785.221.5813.


* Real estate agents pay big bucks to learn what to say to “expired listings.”  Some are more creative than others, but I know what you read and hear, once your property listing has expired.

Even if you don’t read all of these, please make it to the bottom of the page for some important links to my references, credentials and mission statement.

Ok, here we go… Let’s change the names to protect the…. Innocent?  We’ll use Bruno, since I don’t know any REALTORS® named Bruno.  You have, or will hear one, or some, or all of the following:

—If you want results this time, call to see how Bruno’s tried & proven marketing plan will get your house SOLD!

—Your house SOLD in 60 days – guaranteed!

—Did your house get maximum exposure?  Was it aggressively marketed?  Bruno has a 21-point plan of action!

—Have you wondered why your house didn’t sell?  Hundred’s of houses SOLD in the last 90 days.  Why wasn’t yours one of them?

—I recently saw a house listed, and expire… for the third time… with the same REALTOR®… maybe they need a new REALTOR®!

—Is your REALTOR® easy to get in touch with?  Can buyers talk to them anytime?  Try calling Bruno.  Communications are a priority!

—Stop!  Before you relist your house with the same agent, ask yourself these questions:
(Followed by a list of questions that could be anything, and finally…)
Why didn’t you call Bruno and answer all these questions with a YES?

—My homes get more views than any others in Topeka.

—A featured agent for the Topeka area on THE #1 real estate website – realtor.com.

Maybe it’s time to consider having some fresh eyes looking at your home.

Is it time for a fresh look?

Lower commission rate through (fill in the blank with a date)

Your home will have it’s own website!

Every episode of the new Open House Topeka TV show!

It will be shown in every issue of the Home Buyers Guide!

Unlike most agents, I don’t stop marketing in the winter.

Sign up for this FREE market snapshot!

Are you still interested in selling your real estate?  Do you feel a fresh start with another agency might be helpful in selling your home?

Perhaps I could help jump-start your marketing efforts for the coming weeks.

For this FREE, no obligation consultation (blah blah blah)

So your house didn’t sell.  Seems like you need something different.  That’s me.

I limit the number of people I represent.  I only take listings I know I can sell.

If your previous agent worked the way I do, you wouldn’t be in this dilemma.

Call me anytime, day or night.

I am closing a copy of your MLS computer printout.  As a full-time marketing specialist, I have found that most owners, like you, do not get the opportunity to see how their property appears in the MLS.

To the trained and skilled eye, there are a few minor things that could be easily adjusted to give your property a better representation in the MLS.

Should your goal still be to have this property SOLD please call me at (fill in the blank).

When planning to sell your house again, selecting the right agent is crucial!

I am not implementing a powerful new marketing system on Realtor.com to stimulate more buyer demands for my client’s homes, going far beyond the capabilities of other agents in the Topeka area!

All the homes I market show up on the first or second page!

If the sale is not handled expertly, you run the risk of a much longer marketing period and losing thousands of dollars.  Call me for an interview today!

Other agents marketing plans… the four P’s…
Put a sign in the yard
Put an ad in the paper
Put the listing on the MLS
Pray that it sells

Ask me how my homes get 1900% more than other homes on the #1 real estate website in the world – Realtor.com!

I guess you’re finding out by now that the owners of expired listings get a lot of calls from Realtors.

I know that it’s been daunting to try and sell your house without success.  The last thing I’m going to do is add to that bad experience by dropping in at all hours and phoning you endlessly.

I should definitely be consulted before you commit to another listing with anyone.

All REALTORS® are not created equal.

My marketing techniques are the most advanced in the industry.

I even have a specialized strategy to recharge interest in a listing that has expired, like yours did.

You deserve the best service, and I am blessed with loving what I do!

Call me for an interview today.  I guarantee you’ll see a difference.

BANG!!  Your listing is DEAD!

Bruno delivers results!

Did you know that the average agent sells less than six homes per year?

I will reveal one secret to you about how most agents market their listings, which often prevents your home from being shown.

What it always boils down to is the fact that their house was not properly marketed.

As I said previously, the average agent sells less than SIX homes per year!

I always tell my sellers, “It is my goal to get ten showings and a contract within the first 30 days.”

My marketing plan will leverage your property for a maximum amount of showings!

I have a tried and proven marketing plan that has consistently worked month after month, year after year.  It has worked for hundreds of home sellers, and it will work for you as well.

Avoid being disappointed again!

If I were to say you were probably disappointed with the outcome of your previous agent’s performance, would that be accurate?

I am different from the average agent.

I am results-oriented, and I earn every penny of my commission.

I am not the standard agent that will do nothing, charge a lot and hope it sells.

I have a very methodical 21-point plan of action that is tried and proven to get your home sold.

(Regarding relisting with your current agent) Or perhaps they will get lucky and it will sell, or worst yet it won’t sell again!

I specialize in selling previously expired listings.

One of my favorite sayings is “if you always do what you always did you will always get what you’ve always got.”

We’ll see you on closing day!

Most agents want to use your listing to get buyer calls to they can sell them a house (not necessarily yours).

How many potential buyers did you lose with the last REALTOR®’s advertising methods?  Are you prepared to risk that again?

This marketing plan has been developed over the past ten years, is tested, tried, and proven.

And on and on and on and on AND ON….

How many of these have you heard?

What I have to offer you is skill, expertise and the truth.  I’ve been representing seller & buyer clients in real estate transactions since 1986.  My credentials and references speak for themselves.  My Mission Statement explains my philosophy.

I am not a discount broker, and I am not the least expensive.  My commission-based fee (agency representation) is a flat fee of $190.00 plus 7% of the final sales price, with a minimum of $3500).  My consulting fee is $150.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum (no agency representation).  Referrals to another broker are at no fee to you.

Sometimes, you do get what you pay for.

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