Referrals To Anywhere, Anytime

Anytime, Anywhere.

That’s how helpful I can be to you in your sale or purchase of real estate, whether in Topeka, somewhere else in Kansas, or across the country.

I have a network of performance-proven real estate professionals who can help you where I can’t be.

If you have tried to do this yourself, you’ll find that most “all look alike.” Call me, Call me, Call me, they scream! Their ads shout “I’m the best” or “I’m #1!”  Trust me, they are not all alike, nor are they all the best, nor are they all number one.  But some are extremely good.  And one will be  perfect match for you.

How do you tell the difference?

My referrals are screened and personally hand-selected by me, based on years in business, transaction experience, references from clients and supervising broker, memberships in professional organizations, professional designations (commitment to profession), specialties and areas served. I personally interview (the agent and sometimes the broker) to determine ease of contact, attitude and personality. I look for a combination of real estate knowledge as well as the technical skills (Email, internet, latest REALTOR® tools, etc.) and still a high-touch personal service. I look for only full-time professional REALTORS® whose highest interest is in serving your needs quickly and efficiently. The goal is to save you time, effort, money, stress & heartache.

When I find the agent for you, I make the introduction and let you begin your relationship.

I follow-up with the buyer and agent throughout the process, and address concerns or questions the client may have about their new agent or the process.

Things that will be useful for me to know in order to find the best match for you – you can fill in the form and fax (1-866-377-9252) or email to me, or just try to come up with as many answers as possible & we can just have a nice telephone conversation about it. Give me a call at 785-273-1100.

1. Your name

2. Your address

3. Your contact phone numbers & email addresses

4. Name of spouse or partner, names & ages of children, pets

5. Where are you looking to relocate?  Are you hoping to find a home to purchase and move into immediately? Tell me something about the home you think you’re looking for: bedrooms, baths, your hobbies, pets, your lifestyle, age, size, yard, area of town, price range. How soon do you have to be there? Are you familiar with the area? Why are you moving? Is this a “happy move” for you? For your spouse or partner? For the children?

6. Where are you moving from? Do you have a house to sell? Tell me something about it: bedrooms, baths, age, size, yard, area of town, address, your approximation of value. Will it need to be sold and closed in order for you to make your next purchase? How long have you owned it? Is it currently on the market? Does anything need to be done to properly prepare it to obtain top market value? Do you know what the value is?

6. Do you have relocation assistance (for example, from an employer plan?)

7. Do you relate better to certain types of people or personalities? (For example, male, female, quiet, gregarious, older, younger, etc.)

8. Have you been pre-approved for a home loan? Do you have someone in mind that you will use? ( I would recommend taking recommendations from the REALTOR you choose where you are moving).

9. Are you internet/email savvy? (Email of property listings, etc.) Would you prefer an internet/email savvy agent?

Normal Fees & Compensation for Referrals (The tiny print)
There is no cost to buyer. The referred agent (upon closing of a successful transaction) will usually pay a small referral fee to the referring agent, based upon the gross commission that referring agent receives.
Why would they do this (pay for a referral)? Is it because they are the “bottom of the barrel” or a new agent? No!  Most experienced REALTORS® (myself included) are grateful for that call from out of the blue, regarding a client who has the need for a relationship with a real estate professional. They have been handed that trust; it is priceless and they are happy to pay for that new client they wouldn’t have known or met.
Why is this good for the client?  Most REALTORS® take excellent care of their clients and want to ensure they receive the best care and professional service.  With a referral from a colleague, they have even more incentive to not let any detail slip through the cracks.  The referring agent will make every effort to refer you to an agent you will hit it off with and who will take great care of you throughout a successful transaction. Everyone is happy and both agents look good (future referrals). The referred agent will not only take care of you for the aforementioned reasons, but also knows that if he/she doesn’t, they will not receive any future referrals from the referring agent, the new client and  possibly their own broker.
Why do I tell you how the referral fees work? Because I believe it’s the fair and right thing to do. I don’t believe most REALTORS® are comfortable explaining this to you. I also tell you because I believe you’ll see how this system works to your benefit.
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