Top 10 Reasons To Use A Local Lender

  1. They normally have the best rates, with no hidden closing costs (and sometimes these hidden closing costs appear, out of “nowhere” at the last minute)
  2. They will almost always be more able to customize a loan to suit your individual needs
  3. They understand and respect local real estate contracts, local real estate “customs” and local title requirements
  4. They respect your closing date and have fewer last minute obstacles – usually none that are insurmountable
  5. They want repeat business – from you and from us – and therefore are truly customer service-oriented
  6. Local lender reputations absolutely increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted
  7. Using a local lender absolutely gives you the advantage when competing against another buyer who is not using a local lender
  8. The final loan approval is made by people who understand the Topeka-area real estate market
  9. You have a loan officer (and their supervisors) and a “bricks & mortar” loan company office that you can deal with face-to-face – a huge benefit to you
  10. As a respected real estate broker since 1986 in the Topeka market, if there is a problem that you cannot resolve (oftentimes at the very last minute when your plans can no longer be changed), there is a much greater likelihood that we can intervene for you.

A few reasons not to use an on-line lender

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