Caller ID Blocking Doesn’t Work When Calling a Toll-Free Number

Being in the marketing business, I just assumed everyone knew this. I found out this week that most people don’t know it!

When you call a toll-free number (800, 866, 877, etc.), even if you block your out-going caller id from showing, it does showThere is no way to block your caller id from being delivered to the owner of the toll-free number.
Why do you think that so many companies use toll-free numbers?  For your convenience?  I’m sorry to tell you – no!
This applies to toll-free information lines as well.  You get to call a toll-free number, 24 hours a day, and get all the information you need, all-the-while remaining anonymous if you block your caller ID (*67 on most systems) – right?  Wrong!  They now have your information.  Many of them will attempt to call you back, pretending to be “checking to see how the system is working” or under some other guise.
I hate to tell you this, but the same thing with “text message for “free” information” as well.
Always remember, nothing in life is free.

Why Use An 800 Number?

Track Calls with call-capture
800 Numbers Do you want to have a list of everyone who has called you? We employ a service called Real-time Automatic Number Identification (ANI) which identifies the caller’s ten-digit phone number. This means that anytime someone calls you, we will unblock their caller ID even if they are calling from a blocked phone number. There is no extra charge for this service and it doesn’t require any special equipment.
This makes tracking leads effective and simple. You’ll also generate more leads since every incoming call will be accounted for.

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