Your Real Estate Resource

From the day you begin your home search, I become your personal Real Estate Resource, your professional guide and counselor through the maze of details and complexities that can be involved in purchasing real estate.

Throughout your buying and investing future, you will require trained, experienced real estate consultation. On a continuing basis. I will contact you periodically with news and information of interest to you as a homeowner and investor. I will keep in touch with you in a low-key manner, simply making myself available when the need arises.

Never feel that any question you may have is too small or silly, or that you are bothering me. You are my best client and as such, I stand ready to assist you!

Don’t forget that I thrive on personal recommendations from good clients like yourself. I will give our full attention to any friend, relative or associate of yours who calls and gives me your name!

In conclusion, I commit to be your ready, willing and professionally able Real Estate Resource for as long as you need my assistance.

You have my word on it!

Jerry Long

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