Dover is an unincorporated area on Mission Creek in western Shawnee County. It was founded in 1860, and at one time had a match factory, wagon making business, grist mills, blacksmiths, an Inn and Stage Coach Station, livery stable, General Store and 2 of the largest cheese factories in the U.S. The stone house cheese factory still stands today, as well as the stone 1878 Sage Inn & Stage Coach Station, and the General Store. Today, Dover has a population of around 1700 and not many businesses, because of the close proximity of Topeka. In the Fall of 2008, Good Morning America had a competition to determine the “Country’s Best Pie” and the winner was Norma Grubb from Dover for her Coconut Cream Pie. Norma, age 88, claimed at the time to have already baked 8,963 pies in her lifetime. Dover is in the Mission Valley School district.