Eskridge is a town of about 600 in Wabunsee County, founded in 1869, located along the Native Stone Scenic Byway on Highway K4, rich in history and prides itself as being the “Gateway to the Flint Hills.” Like many of our historic towns, most of the businesses are gone, but the distinguished old bank building is still located on the main corner and is in use today as a law office. Eskridge is about 5 miles east of Lake Wabunsee. Maisie DeVore, an 83 year old woman, crushed aluminum cans for nearly 30 years in an effort to raise enough money to construct a community pool, raising more than $73,000 on her own. Her donation was matched by various grants and private donations and the pool, known as “Maisie’s Community Swimming Pool” was completed in 2001 while a CBS Sunday Morning TV crew filmed the event.