Lake Wabaunsee

Lake Wabaunsee is 5 miles west of Eskridge in Wabunsee County, nestled in the Flint Hills on the eastern slope of a range of the Nemaha mountains. It began as an idea of progressive citizens looking forward to a water supply and recreation area, formed by businessmen, cattlemen, farmers and sportsmen in the 1920’s. In 1942, several hundred German prisoners of war, captured in Africa, were received and housed at the Lake. After World War II when the prison camp was abandoned, the Lake became more and more popular for recreation: entertainment, swimming, boating, skiing, fishing, camping and picnicking. For many years there were small cabins all around the lake, but as it has become more popular, more and more year-round (rather than weekend only) residents have built much larger year-round or upscale second homes at the lake.