I’m in love with my Zaggfoilo for iPad

Image For Zaggfoilo

I’d been reading about this for some time, when I went to lunch with a friend who had just purchased one.  I had to have one, too.  It is the greatest thing for actually working on your iPad and brings it one step closer to a full lap-top computer.  The keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth connection and is flawless.  Both the keyboard and iPad easily pull out and can be used separately – and the keyboard will work with anything Bluetooth – including most newer computers,... Read more »

My latest habit

I have a green Pyrex bowl that my mother always used for macaroni & cheese, rice pudding and the oyster dressing (we, as kids, knew to stay away from that) to take to the big family Thanksgiving dinners.  I never let it out of the house, and macaroni and cheese  tastes so much  better in that bowl to this day.  After we did a little kitchen remodeling to our 50’s kitchen, I got a bit into turquoise and bought a few turquoise Pyrex pieces.  Apparently, I am now getting hooked, because... Read more »

My New Favorite Group – Check out Gotye

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Worth Remembering – Each Day is a Gift

I have a lot of trouble remembering this sometimes. Do you? I know several people who were very painfully reminded of this, just this week. I am going to put it on my recurring daily calendar until I can automatically think of it first thing every morning. It’s very simple….. “Each day is a gift and that is why it is called “The Present.” May each of us live life to the fullest every day.”  Read more »

FHA Buyers Blocked From Many Condos – Bad for Sellers, Bad for Buyers

Many condo communities have lost their FHA certification, something buyers and sellers don’t realize until a contract is blocked. If you know anyone who is in any way connected with condo or townhouse communities (owners, managers, potential buyers) they need to be aware of this: FHA revoked its certification of every condo earlier this year. If the management hasn’t reapplied, units can’t be purchased with an FHA loan. It used to be relatively easy for a condo complex (or “project” in... Read more »

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